La Formule de la Villa


  • Homemade fish soup, croutons and rouille sauce

  • Butternut muslin, roasted golden ball turnip with maple syrup, sesame seeds and crispy chickpeas

    Vegan dish

  • Starters of the week on the blackboard

Main Dishes

  • Ballotine of gurnard perlon with marjoram, fish fumet and root parsley risotto

  • Knife-cut beef tartar with roasted potatoes

  • Risotto with mushrooms or plain with parmesan cheese

    Vegetarian dish

  • Winter Buddha Bowl (various seasonal vegetables, legumes, raw and cooked grains)

    Vegan dish

  • This week’s fish or meat dishes on the blackboard


  • Milk chocolate espuma with tonka beans, marinated clementine wedges and almond nougatine

  • Hazelnut dacquoise biscuit, Dulcey ganache and crunchy chocolate heart- hazelnuts

  • Crumble oatmeal and coconut oil, rice pudding with almond milk and caramelized chestnuts

    Vegan dish

  • This weeks’ desserts on the blackboard