Charming hotel in Normandy

La Villa Andry, your hotel and lounge bar with sea view in Ouistreham

Located a stone's throw from Riva Bella Beach, this relaxed-style hotel, housed in a stunning 1867 building, is a 7-minute walk from the Atlantic Wall Museum and 16 minutes from the ferry terminal connecting England.

The Villa Andry in the past

The Villa Andry hotel is a character villa built by Mr. and Mrs. Andry in 1867. It has witnessed great historical events including the Second World War. It was one of the headquarters of the German Kommandatur and was liberated by Commando N ° 4 led by Commander Kieffer. Indeed, the Villa faces the Sword beach, one of the main landing beaches in Normandy with Utah Beach, Omaha Beach and Juno Beach.

It was in 1953 that it was transformed into a hotel. It was then baptized "Le Saint Georges" and will take its original name "Villa Andry" in 2015.

Villa Andry today

The hotel and the panoramic lounge bar form a beautiful facade facing the sea and the beach of Ouistreham Riva-Bella.

This house still belongs to the Andry family. The hotel and lounge bar are now managed by Mélinda POUCHIN and Julien MOSER, happy to continue this adventure.

« We fell in love with this Villa, its history, its character, its geographical location and the potential to make it a charming residence coupled with the tasting of local and seasonal products. ».

A garden in the heart of Ouistreham

The sea view on one side and the garden on the other, your stay in Normandy will be placed under the sign of relaxation and nature.

In fine weather, make yourself comfortable in our private garden, put on your sunglasses and immerse yourself in your novel of the moment or simply let yourself be caught up in a moment of relaxation.

Services and facilities of Villa Andry

At the service of your comfort

Whether you are staying in Normandy for a romantic weekend, solo, for a family vacation or for business, our charming hotel Villa Andry is committed to providing you with quality services to accompany your stay.